Flexible tools for training and management

FlexLearn's LMS & LXP suite is designed to benefit diverse organizations with a large employee base, spread across multiple locations. With adaptable Learning, Management, HR and Communication tools, you will be able to train and lead your team, however large.

  • Handshake

    Induct new staff members easily,
    with our 3-step onboarding app.

  • Path

    Create custom learning paths,
    based on job title and experience.

  • Analysis

    Assess employee knowledge
    with detailed analytics.

  • Badge

    Earn progress badges
    and get accreditation print-outs.

expert knowledge-exceptional serviceexpert knowledge-exceptional service

Expert knowledge, exceptional service

Customer service is of the outmost importance in the Telecom industry. With our Gamified Course Library, your team can develop their CS skills, and have fun in the process! You can also provide your team with expert technical training, with our custom-made courses. Just send us your material, and we will create the perfect course for you.

Courses include