Easy-to-use systems for Training and Management

The FlexLearn LMS & LXP Suite is an intuitive and flexible tool, that can help you to easily set up modules, organize self-assessments, and create learning paths for each team. You can also get detailed analytics on their progress and engagement, so that you can modify your training and support the teams that need it the most.

  • Responsive

    Provide fun and engaging online training,
    available on any device.

  • Path

    Create custom learning paths,
    based on job title and experience.

  • Analyzing

    Get detailed KPIs
    and analytics on learner progress.

  • Experience

    Encourage continuous improvement,
    with modules, assessments, and accreditation.


Support your team, as they support the public

With our variety of modules, games and micro-learning, you can offer your staff the support that’s needed in every customer-facing role. Not finding what you are looking for? Just give us a topic or send us your material, and we will create the ideal course for you!

Courses include