Easily create modules to fit your students’ needs

With the FlexLearn LMS & LXP suite, you can create module structures; upload material; deliver web seminars; and set up knowledge-checks and graded exams with just a few clicks. Students can easily upload their papers for you to grade, and you can get detailed analytics on student engagement and performance.

  • Analyzing

    Get detailed reports
    on student progress.

  • Responsive

    Make learning available
    on any device.

  • Path

    Create custom learning paths
    for different groups.

  • Virtual reality

    Build engagement,
    with collaboration and gamification features.


Bring your courses to life with gamification

Our Course Library contains a variety of topics, but we can also make a custom course just for you! Send us your material or request, talk to us about your learning goals, and we will create the right course for you.

Courses include