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Discover how to simplify your learning management processes, from Onboarding to Upskilling and Assessment, using deep data analytics and extensive KPI's with our lean FlexLearn LMS/LXP platform.

collaborative environmentcollaborative environment

Learning is not a solitary experience–it thrives in a collaborative environment. FlexLearn fosters seamless collaboration among learners, enabling peer-to-peer interaction, group projects, and discussions. Connect with fellow learners from around the globe, exchange ideas, and learn from different perspectives. With FlexLearn, you'll experience the power of a vibrant learning community that supports your growth and enhances your understanding.

LMS & LXP innovationLMS & LXP innovation

FlexLearn LMS/LXP creates a new digital environment, modernizes
learning and talent assessment methods, offers easy and secure access to knowledge from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day and from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

inovvative lean applicationinovvative lean application

In fact, through our innovative lean applications, experience flexibility, ease of use and adoption from learners. Development and learning process through multiple web portals.


benefits for the organizationbenefits for the organization

Benefits for your organization

  • Dramatic reduction of operational costs
  • Ensured Quality and Consistency within the educational process
  • No issues, errors and delays in the educational process
  • New channels of learning through the utilization of innovative applications
  • Optimization of the educational process
benefits for the instructorbenefits for the instructor

Benefits for the instructor

  • Unlimited choices of training and testing
  • Easy creation and upload of training materials
  • Automatic results
    extraction for every assessment method
  • Communication with the learner, with our collaboration tools
  • Continuous stats on learner progress
benefits for the learnerbenefits for the learner

Unlimited learning possibilities

  • Unlimited possibilities of learning
  • Continuous evaluation of the gained knowledge and direct feedback
  • Training that adapts to each person’s timetable
  • Fully interactive content, through gamified training courses


What is e-learning?

e-Learning is the method of learning via laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. This enables the learner and the trainer to be in different locations, even time zones, at the time of learning.

What are the benefits of e-learning?

With the help of e-learning, you can train your entire staff at the same time, even if they are working remotely from different locations. You can also enable asynchronous learning, so that each employee can complete their training on their own time schedule. Finally, your organization can cut down on cost, by moving your training into the digital world, instead of having to hire instructors and plan face-to-face training.

What is synchronous learning?

"Synchronous learning" is the style of learning where the instructor and the learner are present at the same time. Synchronous learning can be face-to-face or remote, using a video conference tool.

What is asynchronous learning?

"Asynchronous learning" refers to the style of learning where the instructor and the learner are not present at the same time. The instructor will have made learning materials, which the learner will access on their own, at a later date.

What is blended learning?

"Blended learning" refers to the combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, for example, by doing the first part of a course via a gamified digital course, and the second part face-to-face.

My staff is not very computer-literate. Is that a problem?

No. the FlexLearn LMS & LXP suite is highly intuitive, and, after a short demonstration, your staff should be able to access their courses without any issue.

Managing and uploading courses is a more complex process, and thus requires some computer literacy.

What is gamification in learning?

The term "gamification" refers to the use of games and game elements, such as awards, badges, penalties and points, to facilitate the learning process. It has been shown that gamification helps learners stay engaged, and creates more positive emotions towards learning – which is key to knowledge comprehension and retention.

What is a Serious Game?

A Serious Game is a training and storytelling method, where the learner enters the story as a character. In order to win the game, the learner must face challenges - and build a specific skill in the process.