HR Strategies

HR Strategies

Are you concerned about the consistency of your training? Do you dedicate many work hours to training and incur high costs?  Do you need to train and certify a large number of employees or remote teams?

With FlexLearn, you can effectively train and certify your staff wherever they are based!

The features of the FlexLearn LMS & LXP suite embody the capabilities of your business. FlexLearn is efficient, user-friendly, cloud-based (no installation required), multilingual, adaptable to portable devices, visually customizable, supports multiple user roles, and ensures maximum security.

  • Recruitment

    The FlexLearn platform supports HR managers in selecting the right personnel, contributing to cost and time reduction in the hiring process, through automated CV screening and unified candidate assessments.

  • Training

    You no longer need to worry about the location, timing, or materials for your training! Effectively and consistently train your personnel by choosing any form of e-learning that suits your needs, including synchronous and asynchronous learning, blended learning, and gamified online courses.

  • Skills Assessment

    FlexLearn provides essential tools for examining, evaluating, and certifying the knowledge of your staff and collaborators. It offers a wide variety of assessment types, such as self-assessments and graded exams, as well as gamified quizzes!

  • Progress Monitoring

    With FlexLearn, you can analyse information regarding platform usage as well as individual, group, course, unit, and subunit results. Stay updated with detailed analytics, diverse report options, top-10 rankings, time measurements, grades, and exam results.

  • Communication

    Communication is a crucial element in Talent Development. FlexLearn facilitates user interaction and collaboration, with tools such as Messaging, News and Events.

    The FlexLearn LMS & LXP suite offers comprehensive personnel training and certification solutions, specifically designed for your business needs. With a focus on talent development and engagement, the innovative FlexLearn platform takes your business to new heights!