Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Threat Detected... Action Required

Bullying and harassment in the workplace are serious issues with unpleasant consequences for both victims and companies. Unfortunately, this phenomenon remain widespread, affecting the mental and physical health of employees, reducing their productivity, and creating an uncomfortable work environment.

On average, according to research by Elstat, 50% of employees in Greece have experienced bullying or harassment in their workplace.

Despite increasing levels of bullying and harassment in our society, especially in the workplace, a significant number of companies avoid addressing this issue.

It is worth noting that bullying and harassment are not limited to male perpetrators and female victims. They can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

The prevention and handling of bullying and harassment in the workplace are not just legal issues, but they are a responsibility on all of us to ensure a safe professional environment free from discrimination.

The adoption of a comprehensive strategy that includes employee training, clear policies and complaint procedures, as well as supportive mechanisms, can significantly contribute to the prevention and elimination of the bullying and harassment in the workplace.

What should employers know about bullying and harassment in the workplace?

Bullying and harassment can take many different forms, some of which may be difficult to perceive or misunderstood.

According to statistics, about 80% of employees hide that they are victims of bullying or harassment in their workplace.

Recognizing such incidents is important, as bullying and harassment can cause serious psychological trauma and intense stress to both victims and perpetrators.

What are the obligations of employers?

Employers must take an active role in preventing and addressing bullying and harassment in the workplace. This includes:

    • Adopting clear policies and procedures for reporting incidents of bullying and harassment.
    • Providing appropriate training for employees on recognizing and dealing with such phenomena.
    • Having supportive mechanisms in place for the protection and care of victims.
    • Addressing each incident promptly and decisively, ensuring compliance with legislation and imposing sanctions on the perpetrators.

The way a company handles incidents of bullying or harassment in the workplace, sends a clear message to employees and potential customers. It fosters the responsible attitude of the company towards social issues, builds trust with employees and creates a safe and discrimination-free work environment.

FlexLearn's Digital Solution

Recognizing the relevance of the issue, FlexLearn Business Solutions has developed a digital interactive training program for the prevention and handling of bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.

It is provided in the Greek language.

Our new training course aims to raise awareness and develop skills on how to recognize and effectively deal with such incidents.

    • Based on modern educational methods, such as the use of case studies, exercises, and games, making learning attractive and comprehensible.
    • It adapts to the needs of each business, considering the size, industry, and work environment.
    • It is easily accessible, as employees can participate from any computer or mobile device, at their own pace and time.
    • Provides measurable results, allowing businesses to assess the effectiveness of the training and take necessary corrective measures.

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